Kindle publishing as been a form of passive income that has completely changed my life. To help others benifet from it I have come up with what is quickly become one of the most popluar choices for Kindle publishing courses on the market, My Self-Publishing Blueprint. Recently, I got an email from one of my current students. He’s only been in the course a month, and he just made his first $1,000 in Kindle publishing—a huge milestone.


My course is like none other on the market. What makes it different? Well, below I’d like to take you through the ideas behind the course, tell you why I made this course, and let you in on what makes it special.


Essentially, this is the course I wish was available when I started. To that end, the course is based on these core principles:


Watch the video below:


The course is focused on one thing and one thing only—making your first $1000 in Kindle publishing. See, once you’ve made that first $1,000, you just have to scale up what you’ve been doing to eventually start making $10,000 or $20,000 a month.

But first, you have to make that initial $1,000. It’s tough, and a lot of people quit before they get there, which is why my course is laser-focused on clearing that initial hurdle.


Easy to Use

There’s not a lot of fluff in my Kindle publishing course. I keep it as focused and as simple as possible because that is what I would have preferred when I started my own journey. Where other courses lead you to do website submissions or making up PR articles, My Self Publishing Blueprint keeps you on the most important tasks at hand, making sure your book sells. 


Support and Community

I love when my students reach out to me ask me questions. I’m very active in the course Facebook group. I do live Q&A’s with my students at least once or twice a month, and there are one or two new things I’m going to start doing soon to be even more accessible.

When I was new, being a part of Facebook groups was one of the top things that helped my success really explode. Because I know how important these groups were to me, my students don’t pay monthly for the group. I think it’s ridiculous to do that. You only pay for it once, with the course, so the community can begin to help you with your success as soon as possible.



Another key concept for my Kindle publishing course is profitability. I want to teach my students how to keep their costs as low as possible. To that end, I teach them how to bundle books as soon as possible, as well as how to get top quality books for the best possible price (I even have a special discount that’s exclusive to members of The Blueprint).

I also teach my students how to do a lot of things for free, especially e-mail marketing. Yes, I could earn affiliate dollars by promoting something like Aweber (like lots of other courses will do), but I’d rather show you how to do what you need for free. After you’ve started making some money, you can switch to those paid tools and reap the benefits they provide.


Learn Basic Skills You Can Apply Anywhere

The final core principle is this: I want to teach you skills that can be applied beyond Kindle publishing. In the course, you will learn basic sales skills that can be applied to any kind of internet marketing.


So there you have it—those are the core principles. Is mine the cheapest Kindle publishing course on the market? No. It’s also not the most expensive. But it is the only one focused on the hardest and most important part—making your first $1,000. Check out my course here. I guarantee you won’t regret it!




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