I am not what you would consider an Internet Marketer…

You may be thinking “oh great this is just another one of those internet marketers and their ‘pitch’ about how you can live the lifestyle of living on the beach and earning money while you sleep.” I assure you that’s the furthest thing from the truth….

I do not have a six figure passive income. I do not have a whole bunch of courses that I can sell you and products to pitch to you that will help you achieve your dream of creating a passive income… But what I do have for you is all that I really can offer and thats is my story of how I went from a regular office job to working for myself by means of a passive income through internet marketing. WAIT!! Emeka, I thought you said that you were not an IM and don’t have a passive income. You are correct, those are 2 things that I don’t have but I am actively pursing them. My goal is to take you along my journey step by step, week by week and show you exactly what I am doing to create the life of my dreams via the means of a passive income.

Why pursue a passive income lifestyle?

So why have I chosen to pursuing this type of lifestyle? Well, for many reason but I think they all kinda boil down to one major one; FREEDOM. When you are slaving away at a ‘regular’ job you are always at the mercy of the employer. They can fire, layoff or find some other way of completely terminating your pay check. Why put yourself in that position? I get it though, some people are just not the ‘entrepreneurial’ type. Some would rather work for someone else, get paid and live a simple and to them rewarding life, I assume though if you are reading this you are NOT that person. Having a passive income allows you to enjoy and do some of the more important things in life that people stuck at a 9-5 can’t do. For me it’s my family, I have a daughter and I remember back how much I loved it when my parents came to school or sporting events that I had going on to show their support for me. I want to be there for every single recital, soccer game, try out or whatever else she decides to take on. Being there to show support and catch all the big moments is something that I take pride in on being a father. We (my wife and I) also want to be able to homeschool our children. Having a passive income will also make this much more achievable especially while we are traveling the world with them.

I guess this goes along with freedom being the main motivator. I am Canadian and my wife is Mexican and that makes our daughter Mexi-Can :). We like spending time in both countries, but we also have a love of traveling the world. Working for the whole year and only getting 2-3 weeks off makes my head spin. I don’t want to see the world when I am 65 and too old to enjoy some of the more adventures trips, (hiking to the South pole, or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro). I want to enjoy that while I am young and full of energy and most importantly with my family. Having passive income will allow us to do just that. Creating an income that I can control 100% of the time from my Macbook is exactly what I am looking to accomplish.

Autopilot engaged?

Now don’t think that I am looking for something that I can just put on autopilot and sit back and watch the money come in, thats more of a pipe dream. I am talking about something that I can focus on a few hours a week (more if I desire) but that I also have a team of employees or Virtual Assistants (VA) who are running things on a day to day basis. Sound too good to be true? For you? Ya it might… But not for me and not for the mentors and people that I am modelling this idea after. I have seen many other people make this work through various ways, some personal friends of mine, some not.

My goal is simple though, it’s not to try and sell you on this passive income dream, its to take you along my journey so you can see for yourself how possible the passive income lifestyle really is.

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All the best!




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