This year I have a clear goal, and that is that I would like to help 1000 people get to their first $1000 with Kindle Publishing.

It won’t be an easy task but I’m confident that if you follow my tips and commit to it, you can, just like me, go from $0 a month to more than $1000 of passive income with Kindle publishing in no time at all.

Imagine what you could do with that kind of income? What if your rent was paid every month without you having to worry about it? How about the groceries for your family always being taken care of because of the extra $1000 in passive income that you have created? Maybe it means you have some more cash flow, get yourself a few treats and luxuries, some extra money for your vacation.

This is the reality that I have created for myself through Kindle publishing.

My first books weren’t very successful. I spent the first few months looking at $15, $20, $50 paychecks. But it was until I started getting away from the mainstream niches that I hit the $500 and $1000 and then $2000 a month mark.

This is why I started my YouTube channel, I wanted to help people that was thinking of getting into Kindle Publishing get a kickstart. I love helping people and I thankfully there are a lot of people that I follow and admire that have helped me too. So I started this so you can learn from my mistakes and from my success.

I’ve come with some simple but very effective tips to get you started with Kindle Publishing, but first let me give you some broad advice: commit to it, be constant and don’t get too bumped if you don’t see a lot of results in the first weeks or months. Keep following this tips, they have proven to work time after time.

1. Commit to the Process, not the Results

Diving into the world of Kindle Publishing, you’re also getting into the field of sales. If you have some sales background you’ll know what I’m talking about, but if you’re brand new, you should know that there are going to be ups and downs, and that’s fine. You have to stay committed to the process, no matter what the results are.Push through those first few months when you’re still getting the hang of it, and those later months that may be difficult due to outside factors that can mess up your sales. Don’t worry, things get better as long as you stay committed.

Push through those first few months when you’re still getting the hang of it, and those later months that may be difficult due to outside factors that can mess up your sales. Don’t worry, things get better as long as you stay committed.

Always keep in mind the tools that would help you overcome difficult times. Keep looking for the right keywords, keep experimenting until you find the formula that works four you and your material. Which takes us to tip #2.

2. Pick the right Keywords

This requires some research and time. And whatever time it takes you, you should do it, you should pick the right and profitable keywords, the ones that people are already purchasing on Amazon

Avoid regular and not very helpful practices like looking for the top selling books on Amazon, because that’s not a place for beginners. It’s very competitive and unlikely that your first 5 or 6 books will make it to that list. Think outside the box. Start with your own passion and ideas.

I tell you this from experience. My first books were about topics and niches that didn’t interest me that much. Once I started publishing books about what I was interested in and not what was so mainstream things started to change. That’s because I knew what people in that niche were looking for because I was one of them.

3. Build an E-mail List

I’m serious about this. If you really want to commit to Kindle Publishing, you should really consider building an e-mail list and do whatever you can to get consumer information. This information will both give you the tools to create better content and to keep connected to your client base.

If you need some help creating an e-mail list, check out my 3-part video series that will give you all the information you need to get you started.

Creating a client information database including as much info as you can get, can help you build a brand, stay connected, let your followers know what’s new and getting some feedback too.

When I started collecting my costumer’s info I realized that I’m not just a Kindle publisher, I’m actually an Internet Marketer. And that’s how you should see yourself too.

4. Never Stop Learning

That’s easy to say an figure out but requires that you keep your mind open to new ideas, new approaches and new trends on Kindle Publishing.

Since I started with Kindle Publishing, I’ve taken several courses and watched a lot of videos. I have even contacted people that have been in the business longer than me with my questions and most of them have answered.

Listen to everyone’s opinion regarding keywords, niches, designs and everything, because you can learn something from anyone and everyone has something to teach you.


5. Master Kindle First

Although I encourage you to learn all the time, you should also know that before you dive into other stuff like affiliate marketing and other monetizing opportunities, you should master and take advantage of everything that Kindle publishing has to offer.

I am CONVINCED that Kindle publishing is the best way to make money online. It has the smallest startup cost, easiest learning curves and it requires skills that you already have and will develop even more by getting into this business.


6. Reach out to others

Similar to tip #4 (never stop learning), another way to learn is reaching out to people. Name it other Kindle publishers, or costumers or people in related fields. People in the niche that you want to explore.

A simple message goes a long way and you’d be surprised of how much people want to help you become a successful person.

So here are a few simple tips that I have learned in my time as a Kindle publisher and I invite you to try it if you want to start making money with Kindle publishing or are just considering the possibility to do so.

Take a look at my video on this same topic where I go a little deeper into each point and I finish with some other recommendations for newcomers into the kindle publishing world.


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