February was an interesting month. Sales were down a little bit, but it was also a month that helped shape the rest of the year in a whole new way.

Here is my monthly income and goals report where I break down all my expenses, revenue and goals for the month. I do this for two reasons, 1. By sharing my goals with you it forces me to stay accountable and know where I am at each and every month. 2. I do it to inspire you and show you exactly what it takes to create a passive income lifestyle. I want this site to be a blueprint for you, so if you choose to take that first step and pursue a more freedom bound lifestyle, you have all the tools you need.

***All money in USD***

Finances – Passive Income Only

I will easily generate $200,000 in revenue by December 31st 2017.

Revenue: $2012.29 ($4721.52 total for 2017)

Expenses: $867.59 ($2316.05 total for 2017)

Profit: $1144.70 ($2405.47 total for 2017)

Last Month Revenue: $2707.23

February was a great month in terms of personal growth. Sales were down, I believe largely to the fact that I only got 2 books out. I also ran into some delays with some other books that I wanted done, those are due to the fact that I have a freelancer working on those ones. I have also started working heavily on my other project that I will be unveiling over the next few weeks, so my focus was off of producing books and the numbers show. I am glad I ran into this while my numbers are relatively low because I have course corrected and have a plan in place for this not to happen again. By far my favourite part of this business is just being able to control my income by how much I put into it. Its such a wonderful feeling knowing that the more time and energy that I put into building my business the more return I am going to get out of it. You just dont get when you are an employee.  I am still a ways off from being able to leave my job, but I am getting closer and closer each and every day.

While my income dropped a bit, my expenses did rise a tiny bit, not counting the coaching I did the month before. I almost doubled my publishing cost because I invested in some longer and higher quality books that will be dropping at the start of March.

Overall I was slightly disappointed with February’s results, but that has fueled me to make sure March is my best month yet!

Income Breakdown

KDP: $245.25
Createspace: $1767.04
Other Online Income: $0

Total: $2012.29

Expenses Breakdown

Publishing Cost: $523.50
Bank Fees: $3.95
Domain Name: 18.44 (for 2 years)
Courses: $134
Promotion: $102.75
Misc: $46
Equipment: $38.95

Total: $867.59

Profit: $1144.70

I will easily create 100% of my income from different passive income revenue streams by December 31st 2017 so that my wife and I can no longer have to work ‘regular’ jobs and have the freedom to live life on our terms.

I am making progress on this. My goal is to be able to quit my job within the next 2-3 months and focus on my blog and online business full time. Once we get closer to the fall we should know when my wife will be able to leave her job as well.

I will easily pay off the remaining debt that I have by December 31st 2017

Result: Every month we are making progress on this.

I will easily become a master of my finances and improve in areas where I need to improve on by reading books and seeking out mentors who are getting results that I want.

Results: By doing these monthly reports it forces me to know where I am with my business income all the time. I love that! I haven’t started reading the books around this topic yet, but I will in the next few months.


I will easily grow my Kindle Publishing business to generate $5,000 per month by April 30th 2017 and have it at $10,000 per month by August 1st 2017.

Results: Stepping it up for March, more planning and focus on getting new books out…..

I will easily look into creating a Kindle Publishing course to launch in 2018

Results: If there was ever any doubt that mentors or coaches can help you achieve your goals faster then you can do it alone, then accomplishing this goal is going to take care of that doubt. My mentor has really forced me to step it up and go way outside of my comfort zone and I am so thankful that he did. Not only has he helped me bring this goal forward by months (my course should launch in a few weeks) but he has helped me narrow it down to a niche of people that I am extremely motivated to help and serve.

I will easily commit to producing a minimum of bi-weekly blog posts (26 total) for all of 2017.

Results: 8 total so far. With everything going on, plus working my regular job, I just haven’t been able to find the time to sit down and write blog posts. With that being said, my youtube channel is gaining much more traction and I will be focusing on producing more video content than written content for the time being.

I will easily start Affiliate Marketing by December 31st 2017.

Results: I have started this on my own, but I don’t have a niche site or anything like that up yet. This will be more of a focus once I am working on my blog full time, hopefully in the next 2-3 months.

I will easily reach 10,000 people monthly through my blog by December 31st 2017.

Results: 505

I haven’t been focusing a ton on my site, but mostly on my youtube page for right now.

I will easily grow my YouTube channel to 10,000 subscribers and produce 300 videos by December 31st 2017

Results: 84 subs and 20 videos

I announced a little while ago that I am going to be doing a personal challenge of putting out 100 videos in 90-days. To be honest, it scares me a bit with the amount of work that this will take, but now that its out there and I see no other option other than accomplishing this goal. I am training myself to look at this as not being a ton of work, but a way to help a ton of people in a short period of time. I will announce when the 100 videos in 90-day challenge officially starts.

Health and Fitness

I will easily complete a full marathon by December 31st 2017

Results: Haven’t started look yet. I did purchase a new pair of runners and have been out running quite a bit more in the last week or so. Forgot how much I love it and just how good it feels 🙂

I will easily sign up and start working out in the gym again by December 31st2017.

Results: Not yet.

I will easily gain five pounds of muscle mass by December 31st 2017

Results: Haven’t started

I will easily do a 7-day juice cleanse with my wife by December 31st 2017

Results: I think me and the wife will be doing this when we go to Vancouver, but we are not 100% sure yet.

Travel, Lifestyle, and Personal Development

I will easily travel back to Canada with the family by December 31st 2017

Results: Looks like August is the plan! Flights are booked!

I will easily sign up for Robin Sharma’s Personal Mastery Academy for 2018 by December 31st 2017.

Results: Not open yet

I will easily read 12 books by December 31st 2017

Reading has just not been at the top of my list for the last few months. I will get back into it, but right now I just haven’t been super focused on sitting down and reading.

I am almost finished Daring Greatly. This book was the reason for me getting over my fear of being more open online. Completely changed my life! I wouldn’t be doing these videos if it wasn’t for this book!

Here is what is next on my reading list

Untethered Soul – Michael A. Singer
FU Money – Dan Lok
Tools of Titans – Tim Ferris
Money Master The Game – Tony Robbins
The Seventh Sense by Joshua Cooper Ramo
Abundance – Peter H. Diamandis
On Writing by Stephen King
It’s Your Ship by Michael Abrashoff
Spark by John Ratey
Grit by Angela Duckworth
Peak by Anders Ericsson
The Gifts Of Imperfection – Brene Brown

I will easily take the wife on a weekend getaway for our Anniversary by October 29th 2017

Results: Haven’t started planning yet

What will you accomplish in 2017?

The biggest mistake people make when setting goals is never checking in on them or measuring them regularly, that is why I commit to posting monthly updates on my progress, not to brag but to force me to consistently check in on my progress and reevaluate where I am.

I encourage you to make sure that you’ve clearly set your goals for 2017 and to even publicly share them, just as I’m doing right now.

You can share them with your friends, family, on Facebook, via e-mail, on your blog, or even as a comment below.

Again, by making them public you’ll have more internal pressure to follow through on them. The people that you share them with will also likely be following up with you throughout the year, reminding you of the commitment that you made to them, which will make you more likely to follow through on them.

So, what are your goals and resolutions for 2017? I’d love to hear what they are, make them public and leave a comment below!

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