How great have the last five months been?! I have a had nothing but a great time working, learning and finding out what it takes to build a business online. Internet Marketing is far more exciting then I could have imagined and I am still only in the very shallow end of the pool so to speak, heck you could say I am just in the kiddie pool with my floaters on, I still have so much to learn.

I am happy with the progress that I have made over the last few months and this blog post is going to outline the successes that I have had and my thoughts on them.

August 2016

Income – $2.79

Got my first book published and made a few sales, mostly just to friends and family (thank you) but this could have been the most important book as it was the first step to creating everything else.

Expenses – $327.29

I paid for the K Money Mastery, course set up my blog, and got my first (and it was also my most expensive) book published this month.

KMM Course  – $94

Domain Name – $23.48

Book Publishing – $209.81

Loss:  $324.50

September 2016

Income – $8.57

My second book got delayed, so just some sales from book 1.

Expenses – $132.64

Website Hosting – $48.14

Book Publishing – $84.50

Loss – $124.07

October 2016

Income – $16.28

My second book gets published and I get a few more sales

Expenses – $139.85

I paid for 2 books this month and they both got released early in November, I also updated the cover of my second book. Notice that I am not publishing books for much less then I started since I learned how to hire better writers for less money.

Book Publishing – $139.85

Loss – $123.57

November 2016

Income – $551.53

Book #4 was a massive hit and was the reason for such a large increase in income for November. Not only that but I had been learning so much over the last few months that things really start to click. In November alone put out and published 4 books.  More books = more sales. 

Expenses – $327.96

This month I really turned it on for book #4. I did some Amazon PPC and paid to be able promote it in a Facebook group. The PPC was a learning opportunity, I know how to run it more effective next time, which should bring the cost down significantly.

Advertising/Marketing – $170.76

Book Publishing – $157.20

Profit – $223.57

December 2016

Income – $2944.46

December was a breakout month for me. I set up my goal of making $1000 in passive income by the end of December and I am just thrilled that I not only hit it, I more then doubled it. This was due to a few factors; having more books out defiantly helped but more specifically it was having them on different platforms. Createspace has been extremely profitable for me for my main book. From now on when I am launching books I will publish them on both platforms right from the start. No point in leaving money on the table.

Expenses – $291.90

Some of my first books that I published, I also wanted on Createspace so I had to get some new covers made. I also paid for a book that is not quite ready yet, but will launch early in the new year. I upgrade my membership to the Kindle course that I took to get the advance lessons and access to some other things now that I have more money coming in. That has been extremely helpful already.

KMM Full Disclosure – $67.52

Book Publishing – $196.47

Advertising/Marketing – 27.91

Profit – $2652.56

Profit 2016 – $ 2303.99

Looking back to my first few months on creating a passive income from nothing have been just incredible. Its not a ton of cash right now and of course it’s all saying in the business to scale it up to 6K plus by the end of January.



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