Imagine a bottle upside down with the neck pointed towards the bottom. Now take some marbles and pour them in the top part of the bottle and watch what happens as they approach the neck…They get stuck, that is what we call a bottleneck. Now you have 2 choice, you can get smaller marbles, or you can increase the size of the neck.

There is the old saying that a leader can only grow his company has much as he grows himself. Jim Rohn famously said, “Your net worth will seldom exceed your personal development”. When you think about it this is a very true. What you have currently (or lack currently) is exactly what you should and are meant to have. We can not have more then we can handle. I am sure you are familiar with the story of people who win massive amounts of money only to whittle down to being just as broke as they were before they won. A man whom you give a million dollars to is not a millionaire, he is simply a man with a million dollars…

Your level of success cannot and will not exceed your personal development. You are the your own worst enemy and luckily you are the best person to fix this problem. What ever your goal is in life, to make more money, to land a successful job, to be the best parent you can be. All of those accomplishments rely on one simple thing, your own personal development. Take a look at your current state? What are you happy with and what are you un happy with? Money is an easy one to relate to because everyone has it and uses it in their daily lives. Are you happy with your current bank balance? If not, why? Why is your bank balance at the level it is? For how long has it been at this level? You are the only person that is responsible for this balance or lack of balance? Ask yourself, have I really down everything in order to increase my wealth? If you are convinced you have, then answer me this, what was the last book your read about money? Its no secret that a large number of successful people attribute their success to reading and personal development. Without growing our knowledge about a subject its impossible to master the subject.

Education is a valuable tool, but self-education is priceless. This is the difference from people who are successful and people who are not. The world is full of examples of people who have made amazing things out of their lives in what ever form of success you want to call it.

What always amazes me is when I read about young 17, 18 and 19 year olds starting businesses and making amazing amounts of money at such a young age. I came across this post on 40 young people who became millionaires before they were 20. I think that is incredibly motivating and inspiring when so many people at such a young age are able to go against the grain of society and do what they love and make a boat load of money too. They chose to go against the status quo and remove the bottleneck of age and create their lives as they see fit.

What about taking your business or relationships to the next level? Well that is easy, when was the last time that you read a book on business or relationships? Without learning and growing in that area how do you expect to allow is to grow and evolve? It its not growing its dying and life is too important to let things that you care about die!

If you are in business and you want to get things to a higher level, what do you need to change in order for that to happen? Back when I ran a direct sales office for a successful marketing company, I was approaching the end of the year and a bit behind on my personal goal. There was a large bonus that I needed to hit and in order to do that the office had to have its largest day ever on what ended up being the last day possible. I remember thinking that morning when I woke up, “Today I need to act like a $10,000 manager”. Meaning that all my actions and more importantly thoughts that I was going to have that day needed to be on a level higher than what I had been producing in the past. Was this out of my comfort zone, yes. But it was something that I knew that I needed to get done in order to hit this goal. All day long I focused around that one thought and low and behold we hit that goal. The bonus was great, but the lesson that I learned from that day was life changing. Your thoughts will dictate how your life plays out. If I had just tried and gone through the day like I had the day before we would have fell short. It was because I made the decision to change my mindset and think on a higher level then I had before.

Whatever situation you might be facing, don’t try to find a way to get smaller marbles, find a way to get a larger neck. No matter where you are in life, problems, setbacks and challenges will always be come knocking on your door. Rather then asking for smaller ones, become a bigger and better person and welcome them. Because each problem setback and challenge that you face is an opportunity to grow yourself to a whole other level.

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